The Best Toys For Rottweilers

The Best Toys For Rottweilers

Rottweiler is a kind of the intelligent dog breed that requires exercise and entertainment. That’s the reason you should be serious about finding and buying the best toys for them. Don’t forget to make sure that it’s durable and provides mental stimulation. This article will equip you with some tips for choosing the best toys for Rottweiler and some Rottweiler toy ideas as well.

The Importance Of Playing For Rottweiler

The activities are very crucial for the Rottweiler as same as the human. Without the playtime, Rottweiler may have behavioral issues because of the sadness and stress. A healthy playtime can help Rottweiler avoid the weight issue, increase its immune system and have a longevity. It’s like the energy for Rottweiler to keep them be happy, active and healthy.

Moreover, playing can combine with training which can enhance the Rottie’s instinct and improve its skill. So choosing the suitable toy for Rottie can bring you a success in training them.

The Features You Should Look For In The Rottie Toys

Rottweiler is one of the largest and strongest dog breeds. Sometimes, it’s hard for Rottie to be aware of its strength and control it when playing. That’s the reason why the Rottie can easily destroy a dog toy by accident which can be harmful to your Rottie and your finance as well. Therefore, it’s very important to choose the best toys for Rottie and enjoy the wonderful playtime with them.

There are some features that you should consider when looking for the Rottweiler toys such as durable, healthy and interesting. Don’t forget that price should be reasonable for an economical financial plan.

The Best Gifts For Rottweiler

Kong – A healthy rubber toy

Kong is a super durable dog toy which can fit with an aggressive chewer like Rottie. It’s made of rubber and very healthy for your Rottie. Chewing Kong is very good for Rottie’s teeth because it will eliminate all the germs and remain food in the mouth and help the jaw become stronger. Dental health affects your Rottie’s whole body health and prevents Rottie from the stomach disease.

The good benefits of Kong for a Rottweiler. Source:

One more reason why chewing is good for the Rottie, it’s fun! So Rottie will never get bored with it.

Rottie is chewing Kong
Rottie is chewing Kong. Source:

For puppy Rottie, it’s also important to have an opportunity to chew in a healthy way and you can easy to find Kong in small size for your cutie Rottie.

Normally, Kong has the size of a tennis ball which prevents Rottie from swallowing it. However, to make sure that your Rottie will be safe, you shouldn’t let him unattended with any kind of toys until you know how Rottie behaves with the toy.

Kong with the ball shape
Kong with the ball shape. Source: ebay
Kong with bone shape
Kong with bone shape. Source: Amazon

Moreover, Kong is also great for being stuffed with some food so Rottie can play and enjoy its favorite food at the same time. Here are some suggestions you can choose for a stuffed Kong:

•  Peanut butter and liver
•  Yogurt and pumpkin
•  Dried cranberries (craisins) and cottage cheese
•  Smashed bananas and peanut butter
•  Any soft dish that your Rottie is keen on

Kong is stuffed with food
Kong is stuffed with food. Source: Amazon

The Puller Interactive Toy

Puller is quite familiar with a Rottie owner which help you interact with your Rottie in a fun way. This interactive toy will encourage your Rottie to engage in needed daily exercise and help them be more active and happy.

The Puller Interactive Dog Toy
The Puller Interactive Dog Toy. Source:

It’s made of non-toxic and light rubber so it’s very safe and healthy for the Rottie to chew and play with it. With this kind of material, the puller is very durable and unbreakable even you twist or bend it.

You can use it to play fetch with your Rottie in the garden or in the pool if your Rottie loves swimming.

Play fetch with Rottweiler by the puller
Play fetch with Rottweiler by the puller. Source: Internet

It’s ideal when using this puller for the tug-o-war if your Rottweilers are equal size. Rottie will enjoy the playtime with more fun and interesting.

Rottweilers play tug-o-war by the puller
Rottweilers play tug-o-war by the puller. Source: Internet

The Tuggo Weighted Exercise Toy

If your Rottie is full of energy and loves outdoor activities, this Tuggo Toy will absolutely for them. The Tuggo weighted Exercise Toy is a large ball that is attached to a very sturdy rope. The Rottweiler can chew it or pull it around in their own way when playing alone or with the partner.

The Tuggo Weighted Exercise Toy
The Tuggo Weighted Exercise Toy. Source: Amazon
The Rottie plays with the Tuggo Weighted Exercise Toy
The Rottie plays with the Tuggo Weighted Exercise Toy. Source: Pinterest

This indestructible ball can also be filled with sand or water to make it more interesting. By this way, you can control the weight of the ball, make it light or heavy depends on the training and your Rottie favorite.

The Tuggo is filled with water
The Tuggo is filled with water. Source:

Deer Antler Chew Toy

Don’t forget that Rottie loves chewing on the animal bone so much. However, there are not many bones which have enough nutrition and can last longer with the strong jaw and gum of this breed.

The Deer Antler is special which has the hard smooth surface and the distinctive marrow core. Therefore, it can offer your Rottie a lot of nutrition such as Calcium, Chondroitin Sulfate, Collagen, Copperis, Glucosamine Sulfate, Iron, Keratan Sulfate, Magnesium, Zinc. It’s natural, tasty and healthy for Rottie to nibble all the time. 

The Rottie chews the deer antler
The Rottie chews the deer antler. Source: Amazon

This Deer Antler Chew Toy is for both chewing and training. Your Rottie and you can also play fetch with it. How fun and fresh it is.

Rottie plays with deer antler
Rottie plays with deer antler. Source:

The Jolly Pet Tug-n-Toss Roy

Rottie is crazy about fetch and this Jolly Tug-n-Toss is the perfect toy for this game. It’s made of durable material which will be fine under the Rottie’s teeth and can bounce back when you throw it against the ground or the wall. Rottie will be more interested in the thing which can move by itself and the game becomes more flexible and enjoyable.

The Jolly Pet Tug-n-Toss Roy
The Jolly Pet Tug-n-Toss Roy. Source: Amazon

Toss it in the air, bounce it against the ground and let the Rottie grab and drag it around you in the beautiful day. You can play it everywhere with your beloved Rottie, even in the pool for the scorching day.

Rottie drags the Jolly Tug-n-Toss Toy in the pool
Rottie drags the Jolly Tug-n-Toss Toy in the pool. Source:

Each Rottie is an individual so your Rottie may like some kinds of toy and may not be keen on the others. If Rottie doesn’t take a specific toy, it’s time for you to try to reintroduce the toys and spend the time to play with them. It may take a few different toys before your Rottie shows their interest in one.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the time with your dear furry friend. Let’s make the time together be more fascinating and memorable.

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