Flying Squirrels Facts, Information

Flying squirrels are the small tree squirrels which have the adorable appearance and friendly temperament. As a result, so many people fall in love with this cute breed and desire to keep it at home. However, this is still a new kind of pet so you should learn more about flying squirrel information before having one. This post helps you collect all essential flying squirrel facts and information, so you will have a big picture of this breed after finishing this piece of words.

Flying Squirrel Identification

People are often fond of the small animals, so flying squirrels melt the people’s heart because of their size. For a baby, it is so tiny with the size as same as your finger. Even an adult flying squirrel can only be around 10 inches in length and 2-6 ounces in weight. This small breed has large black eyes and 22 teeth.

The biggest hallmark of flying squirrels is their 2 loose folds of skin between the front and hind legs. This part of the body helps them glide through the air. An adult flying squirrel can make a glide distance of more than 80 yards.

Flying Squirrel Information
Flying squirrels have a small size and large black eyes. Source:

Flying squirrels come in many different colors based on their types. In more detailed, northern flying squirrels come in the soft and rich brown coat, meanwhile, southern flying squirrels are covered in a thick, soft, glossy grayish or olive-brown coat. Moreover, all of them have a pale belly no matter what color their coats are.

Do Flying Squirrels Fly?

Although this kind of squirrel has the word “flying” in the name, flying squirrels don’t really fly. Actually, they glide from branch to branch. By stretching out the legs, the fold of skin between the front and hind legs has a form of the parachute. This helps them glide after pushing themselves off the position. Because of the smooth movements, it looks like these squirrels are truly flying in the air.

Flying Squirrel Information
A flying squirrel is gliding through the air. Source:

Flying Squirrel Facts In Wild

Where Do Flying Squirrels Live?

People usually find the squirrels in the park, forest or woodland. Like the other squirrels, flying squirrels love the habitat with many trees where they can find plenty of food. Although they are good at moving in the air, they are slow and clumsy on the ground which can make them become perfect prey. That’s the main reason for flying squirrels to live in the green area, they need trees to be their launching pads for gliding.

What Do Flying Squirrels Eat?

Flying Squirrel Information
Seeds and nuts are favorite food of flying squirrels. Source:

Flying squirrels belong to the omnivores group which eats all types of food, especially both plants and meat. Their main food sources are seeds, berries, lichens, and fungi which are often available in their habitat. Besides coniferous seeds which are an important nutrient in the winter, flying squirrels also store nuts and lichens. They love to keep the food in tree crevices and in holes on the ground. Furthermore, they also eat insects and some small animals such as mice, shrews, birds, and flesh of dead animals.

How To Take Care Of Flying Squirrels As A Pet

If you have a plan to keep a flying squirrel as a pet, you should pay attention to this useful flying squirrel information below.

Make A Strong Bond

Flying Squirrel Information
Two pretty flying squirrels with the gray color. .Source:

You have to make your flying squirrel feel secure when being with you, then it will be close to you and enjoy the pet time. To build a strong bond, you should take him with you in a shirt pocket or keep it close to you for a few hours every day during the first several weeks. By this way, it can feel warm and get used to your body heat and smell. In addition, you should feed it by yourself to strengthen the relationship.

Prepare A Good Place To Live

No matter a baby squirrel or an adult one you are having, it’s always better to have a cage with good air circulation. Don’t forget to place many branches for it to jump and do exercises. You should make a bedding nest for it by placing a box at a high position in the cage, then put cotton or wood shavings to make it soft and comfortable. It’s also a wise idea to cover the bottom of the cage with newspapers, so you don’t have to spend much time cleaning its defecation.

Keep It In Diet

You have to pay attention to its diet if you want to keep your pet in a good health. First of all, provide flying squirrels the fresh and clean water every day and clean the water holder whenever you refill it. Second, offer your pet fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds. Besides the soft nuts, it’s essential to give them the hard ones such as pecans and walnuts in order to prevent their teeth from being too long. Finally, you can sometimes give them live treats such as meal worms or wax worms.

Flying Squirrel Information
An adorable flying squirrel has just landed after gliding. .Source: Getty

These are some important tips for keeping your flying squirrels healthy:

  • Remove the remaining food after 12 hours to prevent bacteria and odor.
  • Give them fresh orange slices twice a week or mix the calcium powder with the food to ensure they have enough calcium.
  • Place a salt wheel in the cage for them to lick. This one can give them extra nutrients and prevent them from being boring.

Health Care

Flying squirrels know how to protect themselves from the pests by producing oils on the skin. Although they don’t really need any vaccinations, you still should take him to the vet for an annual health check.

This post has lots of flying squirrel information that can give you a full understanding of this breed in wild and in case of being a family pet. Now, you can answer all the questions of this breed and can make up your mind if you are considering having one.

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